Our areas of expertise

Founded in 2008, Ailancy is the French leader in transformation, organization & management consulting dedicated to Financial Services. Ailancy is an independent firm, most relevant alternatie to audit and consulting international franchises.
Our interventions with in-depth business content, relying on thorough knowledge of market practices, allow us to execute complex strategic projects, with quantifiable impacts on the company’s performance.
Our expertise covers all of Banking and Insurance business lines, thanks to our dedicated teams: retail banking, corporate and inviestment banking, asset management, wealth management, insurance, & specialized financial services.

Growth Strategy​

  • Elaboration of strategic development plan
  • Analysis of the competitive positioning
  • Definition of operational transformation programs
​ ​

Competitiveness of organizations

  • ​Design and optimization of processes, and defintion of target organization
  • Managing mergers, PMI and restructurations projects​​
  • Conducting opportunity studies for partnership developments, outsourcing and synergies identification ​
​ ​

Risks and compliance​​

  • ​Frame & roll-out compliance programs and remediation plan on a wide range of regulatory topics (ESG, MIF II, DDA, GDPR, DSP2, PRIIPS, …)
  • Realize continuous watch, impact analysis and propose support for implementation
  • Optimize risk management and compliance framework ​

Management of complex projects

  • Monitoring of major transformation programs & project management
  • Leveraging Agile@Scale methodology
  • Intervention of pluri-disciplinary teams
​ ​ ​

Transformation of SI

  • ​Elaboration of IT master plan and target architectures​​
  • Benchmarks & support in software package selection​​​
  • Definition of needs and business specifications ​
​ ​

Digital acceleration​​

  • ​​​Definition of digital transformation plan and operational implementation​​
  • Identification of new digital and technological trends in terms of Open Banking, APIs, Blockchain
  • Development of strategic partnerships with Fintechs​
​ ​ ​

Leadership, Coaching,
& Change Management​

  • ​​​Facilitation of seminar at Executive level​​
  • New ways of working
  • Definition and implementation of barometers, development journeys and coaching
​ ​ ​